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The Squad

Prinny, dood!

The Prinny Squad
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Character: The Prinny Squad (three Prinnies: Bellatrix, Keesling, and Freidrich)
Series: Disgaea
Version: Post game 1, pre game 2
Age: Several months each, although it doesn’t really matter
Gender: …Prinnies have genders?
Sexuality: Okay, if they don’t even have genders, what the heck makes you think they have any concept of sexuality?

Appearance: Prinnies are basically animated four-foot-tall penguin plushes. Their heads, wings, and backs are blue, with white underbellies, yellow beaks and feet, and glassy black eyes. Large black stitches connect the white underbelly to the blue parts. Each prinny wears a large brown belt bag, from which they can pull ludicrously large objects: for example, the belt bag is where their weapons of choice – swords – are stored. Prinnies are exactly identical to one another in appearance and mannerisms – their only distinctive attribute is their names.

Personality: In a word: rambunctious. While the prinnies are supposed to be Etna’s vassals, they often slack off and goof around when she’s not there to watch over them. More often than not, she has to beat them into submission – literally – to make them get back to work. Prinnies are very energetic and very frank and do not hesitate to express themselves, whether it be through a crude joke or a sword to the face. This energy carries over to the attribute Etna seems to enjoy most: prinnies explode when thrown.

While Prinnies do have some shared traits, each has its own distinct personality as well. Bellatrix, the only female, is the unquestioned leader of the trio. An investment banker guilty of embezzlement in her past life, she is often more logical and responsible than her companions and takes it upon herself to keep them in line.

Keesling is definitely the youngest at heart of the three. His life as a high-school sophomore ended prematurely with a sudden bout of depression and a suicide; however, his original happy-go-lucky personality has carried over, and he still remains slightly more innocent than his companions.

Freidrich is, not to put too fine a point on it, not too intelligent. A previous twentysomething-year-old delinquent, his particular sin was not known, but it is likely his last words were, "Hey guys! Watch this!" He's the one that Bellatrix always has to keep an eye on, as he is apt to act without thinking and cause some sort of trouble.

Abilities/Weaponry: As far as abilities go, prinnies are very resilient when damaged. (They explode on impact, and yet they don’t die. Very resilient indeed.) The work well in teams to accomplish a myriad of tasks, from physical labor to fighting. Basically, prinnies exist as very durable servants.
Fighting abilities are very limited – they hit their targets with their weapons (primarily double swords or bombs if they’re feeling creative). They have one larger attack called Prinny Barrage, in which they rise into the air and bombard their opponent with whatever assorted items are handy.

Weaknesses: Prinnies tend to get steamrollered easily by personalities stronger than theirs. They can easily be ordered and/or beaten into doing whatever the stronger person wants. Prinnies lack distinctive personalities and function as a group. Because of this, they can be easily overrun, and a single prinny is helpless and useless. Prinnies can be easily defeated if separated from one another.

History: Every prinny used to be alive, whether they were human, demon, or angel. When they died, their souls, needing to repent for or work off the sins burdening them before they could reincarnate, entered the gigantic stuffed penguins to become prinnies. Prinnies typically work in either Celestia or the Netherworld, trying to work or earn their way into reincarnation.

This particular threesome of prinnies came into being not more than six months ago and have since traveled (as unimportant side characters) with the main characters (Laharl, Etna, and Flonne) through their adventures in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, from the introduction of Flonne to the invasions of the Netherworld and Celestia and finally back home to the Netherworld again. They were running from one of Etna’s usual tantrums when they opened the wrong door and tumbled into Paixao.

Since Arriving in Paixao: The prinnies quickly met and became friends (through incessant and insistent following) with Edward Elric (and through him, Pride) and Mello. Discovering that Laharl, Etna, and Flonne were indeed in the city, they wandered off and ran into Adell and Squall, where chemicals infecting the city's water supply forced them to temporarily resume the forms they had as humans before they died.

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This is an RP journal for paixaorpg played by yamikonumber7. The Prinny Squad and all Disgaea characters belong to Nippon Ichi. All events in this journal are fictional and bear no intentional resemblance to the original material or events in real life. Cover everything? ♥